Funny Yorkshire Map Phrases

Ahm jiggered, you gerram for me - I’m exhausted, you get them for me


Ah dropt me truntlements - I dropped the odds and ends (I was carrying)


Ah ernly asked for a kerka-kerla - I only asked for a popular brand of cola


Ah’l fettle that up for yuz - I’ll get that ready/make that up for you


Ah gorda new merbile fern - I have a new mobile phone


Ah rived me kegs - I tore my underpants


Allus mitherin ‘bout summut - Always moaning about something


By gum ee’s jammy - Crickey, he’s is (often) lucky


Canna borra it - Can I borrow it


Chompin’ ont chips - Enthusiastically eating chips


Chuffin’ hell luv that’s reet tasty - Good grief my darling, that is delicious


Cum ‘ere ya cheeky little tyke - Come here you naughty little boy


Do summut that good at - Do something you are good at. Yorkshire career advice.


Don’t do owt for nowt - Don’t do something of value for no reward/Don't work for nothing


Ee were goin’ like billio - He was travelling very quickly


Eh Nimrod, tha’s ma beer yers suppin - Hey you fool, you are drinking beer from my glass


Eh oop, how do? - Hello, how’s it going?


Fair t’middlin - I am doing ok?


Flipping ‘eck stop faffin - Good grief, stop dawdling/messing about


Flippin’ Nora - Literally ‘flaming horror’ a local version of ‘bloody hell’ - an exclamation of surprise or dismay


Galivantin oop Greek Street - Partying in Leeds city centre


Garden gnerms - Garden gnomes


Gerr away - Get away, an exclamation of disbelief


Gint Scarbro warning - give a Scarborough warning, in other words no meaningful warning at all


Gissa croggy - Give me a lift on the back of your bicycle


Givover - Give over. An exclamation of disbelief


He’s well covered - He is well-built/has put on weight


It cost narn narnty narn - It cost £9.99


It did dint it - It did didn’t it, said as an affirmation.


It near as makes no matter - It makes very little difference


It’s nobbutfly, weren’t sting yer - It’s only a fly, it won’t sting you


Let dog see rabbit - Remove an impediment in the way of doing a job: get out of the way (from greyhound racing)


Les ava ganda - Let me have a look


Like phummock peeping owt ivy bush - Untidy hair, like a creature covered in ivy


Marching on together - Leeds United supporters song


Me butty’s squashed ont rerd yonder - My sandwich is squashed on a road some distance away


Me face is frozzed - My face is very cold/freezing


Me mam’s gonna kill us - My mum will be very angry with us


Nor, gaffer’s int’ bog - No, the boss has gone to the toilet


Owt berra than nowt - Something is better than nothing


Parmo ’n’ stottie - Parmo, a breaded cutlet of chicken or pork with béchamel and cheese invented in Middlesborough and stottie cake - a type of bread popular in north east England


Round ‘ere we hev a way o’ settlin things - Around here we have our own way of resolving disputes


She’s gorra rite monk on - She’s is in a very bad mood


Shurrup orral bray yer - Be quiet or I’ll beat you, a threat


Sitha bother but canna cadge a fiver - Sorry to bother you but can I borrow £5


Snur flakes ont windus - Snow flakes on windows


Stop nebbin in ma drawers - Stop looking in my drawers: mind your own business


Tha daft bat - That foolish woman


There’s nowt so queer as folk - There is nothing as strange as other people


Think on, yer cack-handed wazzock - Reconsider, you inept fool


Urm ’n’ away - Home and Away


Wang it ‘ere lad - Hurry along and pass/throw me that item young man


Worrawally - What a foolish person


Wot’s tha laffin at - What are you laughing at