How do we make our maps? 

Research, planning, visits, archives, recordings, a lot of listening, talking, debate, thought, artistic skill, effort and friends’ opinions is the short answer. They are meant to amuse, inform and delight rather than be academic masterpieces. You might spot an apostrophe has been dropped here and there, and an extra letter or standard spelling retained to make them easier to read.

Are the road networks accurate? 

Pretty much so, yes. We base the layout largely on existing trunk roads but we wouldn’t recommend you use our maps for navigation.

What size map should I buy?

Our minimum size is A4 so the phrases can be read easily. This is fine for a desk or table setting, or a small wall area. The A3 looks smart and is the standard size. It is easily read and engaged with. As a gift, the A2 looks like you mean it, and the A1 is great as a talking point item for a lobby, entrance, foyer or boot room. If you order a print with a mount and frame the overall item will be one size up - so if you order an A3 map, mount and frame, it will be A2 size when hung.

What about packaging and delivery?

Our products are professionally printed, mounted, framed and packaged by our partner fulfilment company, whose despatch note will come with your delivery. Our smaller A4 and A3 prints are delivered by Royal Mail but all larger orders are by tracked courier. If your order is placed early in the day UK time there is a reasonable expectation that it will be delivered the following working day, and if not, the working day after that. If you are sending a map as a gift, tell us in the special instructions note on the order page, and the price will not be included with the delivery. We can deliver prints internationally (without mounts or frames) to about 50 countries. They will take longer to arrive, depending on where they are going to, but should be expected within 10 to 15 days.

What are the mounts and frames like?

All our mounts are white and bevelled. All our frames are made of wood and there is a hint of grain in both the white and the black frames. We offer a premium oak frame too. Our products are professionally printed and assembled.

Can you print even larger sizes so I can put a map in the entrance of a hotel, pub or restaurant as a talking point?

The A1 size should do the trick but we can go larger on request. If you would like a supersized map please email support@almostmaps.co.uk and we will see what we can do.

Can you make other products like table mats, tea towels or chopping boards?

We have made all of these items, and they look great, but we don't offer them as standard yet. But if you own a pub, restaurant, tea room or just have a large family and would like to order a substantial quantity please email support@almostmaps.co.uk

What are our terms of trade?

We take customer satisfaction seriously and promise to treat you as we would expect to be treated - and commit to delivering the product you ordered promptly and in good condition. If there is a problem, just drop us a line at support@almostmaps.co.uk and we’ll sort it out as quickly as possible.

What and where next?

Somewhere west…please stay tuned and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest - just click into the links at the bottom of our home page.

What is Let's Do It?

Almost Maps is committed to supporting Let's Do It. The group was set up several years ago by friends who began raising cash for charities through cake sales and fetes - but it has evolved. The latest fund raising feats have included cycling from London to Paris and cold water long-distance swimming. Let's Do It has raised tens of thousands of pounds for charities and allocated it to those who need it most urgently. Right now the focus is Ukraine.

Who are Almost Maps?

Almost Maps is a family affair, founded by Jim McLean. My childhood was spent between Norfolk and the Isle of Mull. Then I studied geography (some travel and looking at maps) and worked as an international correspondent and national newspaper journalist for more than 25 years (more travel and looking at maps).

I have lived in very different parts of London and have family in Yorkshire so that was how the first four maps were born, mixing a fondness for words and my appreciation of maps into a celebration of the different ways people speak.

We hope you enjoy them and we welcome your feedback.