Funny Norfolk Map Phrases

A forx musta gorta in - A fox must have got in (creating carnage in a poultry coop) 


Blast me yoo do look qware - Good grief, you don’t look well


Bootiful - 'Beautiful' - the advertising catchphrase of Norfolk turkey magnate Bernard Matthews 


Buggerlugs - an affectionate term for a child who is not listening to an adult


Come on yoo yellas - come on you yellows, chanted by Norwich City supporters 


Cor to hell the medders a wet - Good grief, the meadows are waterlogged


Cor blast he hum, he’s let orf - Good God he stinks, he’s passed wind


Do yoo live in a baarn - Do you live in a barn? Said in exasperation when someone fails to shut a door


Eat narthun but stoo for foive days - Eat nothing but stew for five days. Stew is is traditionally accompanied by dumplings in Norfolk.


Frorst’s so hard we coont lift the beet - The frost was so severe that the sugar beet could not be harvested 


Give it a li’l bit a choke - Give it a little bit of choke, advice on starting a troublesome engine


He’s gorta be gettin five tuns an acre - I reckon the yield on that crop is at least five tonnes per acre


He treat her suffin rot’un - Sometimes said of a man who is cruel to a woman (often his spouse)


He come at me raw, but I hint dun narthex - The man who approached me was very angry but I hadn’t done anything to deserve it


He come orf his mo’erboik - He had a motorbike accident


He was playing up, so I give em both barrels - He was disrespectful so I forcefully told him off (from a double-barrelled shotgun)


He’s gettin on moi wick - He is getting on my wick, literally dampening my candle, said when someone is irritating 


He’s gorn jorgin - He has gone for a leisurely run, moved on


He’s sorft in the head - He makes silly decisions


He speak proper plummy - He speaks like a member of the landed gentry


Hello, oi gort a tickle - Hello, I’m being tickled, meaning someone is trying to contact me


Hold you hard - Stay the course, don't be swayed


If the wind changes yerl stay like that - You are pulling a face, showing displeasure


Keep yoo a throshin bor - Keep threshing [the wheat] boy/mate - Carry on! 


Let it bleed a little - advice on treating a cut, in the belief that the blood flow itself will help remove dirt from a wound 


Loive moosic on Froidee noit - Live music on Friday evening


Now look yoo hare bor - Now look hear boy/mate, meaning I think you should reconsider


Narthun a good talking too won’t sort out - Nothing a few frank words won’t improve


Oi can droive a tracta - I know how to drive a tractor


Oi gort it with the second shot - I hit a target with the second of a shotgun’s two barrels - normally having missed with the first, easier, shot


Oi gotta goo, the woif’s hollerin - I have to depart, I can hear my wife is calling me


Oi picked it up at orction - I bought for a good price at an auction


Oi shood ‘em orf the propty - I showed them off the property (escorted unwelcome guests from my land) 


Oi went up the city yesti - I visited Norwich yesterday


Oi winged dut, but the dorg picked it up - I shot and injured a game bird but the gun dog retrieved it


Oil run the topper overit - I’ll run the topper (tractor-towed mower) over a pasture


Oil run you down the markut - I’ll give you a lift to the market


Oi thwacked him - I hit him


On the ball city - Norwich City FC’s famous old anthem


Red diesels gorn up, so’s fool oil - The price of red (agricultural diesel) has gone up, and heating oil has increased too 


She’s corfin suffin terrible  - She has a very bad cough


She’s putting on her parts - She is behaving in an unreasonable manner


She smook loike a chimney - She smokes a lot of cigarettes


She wuz a lovely little bitch -  A fondly remembered female dog


She’s an ol lummuck - She is clumsy


Slow you down - Don’t go so fast


Stooput Boi - Stupid boy, often said of errant teenagers and sons


Stop gorpun - Stop gorping, or staring, so obviously 


Thas a load of old squit - That is completely untrue


Thas a rummun - A rare, unusual or mysterious occurrence/something that is hard to explain


Thas bin so dry, that never got gorn - The weather has been so dry the crop never flourished


Thas come good me old booty - Things have turned out well in the end my old friend


Thas got a touch a foot rot - That has a mild case of foot rot (a bacterial infection of the hoof that affects sheep on wet ground)


Thas noice to git away but that also noice to git hum - It is nice to have a holiday but it is also a relief to return home


Thas roit that is - That is definitely correct


That doo, dunt it  - It does, doesn’t it - an affirmation


That dunt rarely matter - That doesn’t really make much difference


That shed’s on the huh - That structure is leaning,  is not sound or perpendicular


The dorgs are making one helluva rackut - The dogs are barking loudly 


The highdrollocks are shot - The hydraulics are badly broken (a serious problem with tractors/agricultural machinery)


They had a roit ol Barney - They had a serious row


They look in good order - That livestock looks to be healthy/thriving 


There’s a hooge coo of lorries - a large tailback of HGVs 


There’s suffin up there, go get the guns - There is something odd going on, go and fetch the shotguns


There’s suffin up with moi compooter - This software is complicated


Titty-totty - very small, extremely tiny, often said of animals and even people - ‘thas a titty-totty li’ul thing’


We gotta keep gorn - We must persevere


We wuz in church, and he wuz in the poo behoind - We were in church and he was sitting in the pew behind us


We’ve had hell ‘n’ all rain - It’s rained a lot


Wot are you a doing on - What are you doing (normally in frustration that a task is being done badly)


What are you loike - What are you like, said in light hearted disbelief at amusing or daring behaviour


Wot yoo needs a ro’ava’a - I recommend a rotavator to till this patch


Yerl never guess what I paid forut - I purchased this at a very good price