Funny Scotland Map Phrases

A braw stag by the burn - An impressive male deer near the stream


Ah got clarty walkin thru tha borg - I got filthy going through the marsh


Ahm gonnae nay do that - I’m definitely not doing that


Ahm up tae ma oxters in keech - I’m up to my armpits in excrement/I have so many problems to cope with


Ah was haudin ma fo-an - I was holding my phone


Ah wouldnae do him a fayva - Don’t help him


Awae an’ bile yer heed - Go away and boil your head, leave me alone


Aw rite ya wee bawbag? - A greeting for close friends, literally 'are you well you small scrotum?'


Boggin - Smelly or stinking


Class gaff, whit a hoot - Nice party, it’s great fun


Coorie down with me lassie - Snuggle up with me young lady


Dae yer dinger - Lose your temper


Dook yer toe in, it’s baltic - Dip your toe in, it’s extremely cold


Dunnae fash yersel - Don’t fret


Eat yer neeps - eat your turnips/swedes


Famtoosh - Pretentious/flashy


Gallus - daring/cheeky


Get yer scran an’ ginger doon - Hurry up and finish your food and fizzy drink


Gie it laldy cos yer a lang time deed - Give it your all because you are a long time dead, seize the day


Haste ye back - Come back soon


Is that you with yer tea? - Have you finished your dinner?


Kenya fixit forus - Can you mend it for me?


Hooz laid a jobbie in the cludgie? - Who failed to flush the toilet?


It’s dreich on the ben - It’s raining on the mountain


Lang mae yer lum reek - Long may your chimney smoke/live long and prosper


Mad wae it - Drunk


Makes sense to uz - We understand 


Maist a yooz guys will gettit - Most people here will understand 


Oan yer trolly - Go away


Och yer bum’s oot tha windae - I think you’re exaggerating wildly


One dram too menny - One whisky/drink too many


Pure dead brilliant - Fantastic


Quiet yer geggie - Shut your mouth


She’s a bonnie bairn - She’s a pretty baby


She’s uptae high doh - She’s excited


Shoogle yer bahoukie at the kaylee - Shake your bum/have fun at the caleidh/party


Skinny malinky - A lanky person


Stop greetin’ - Stop crying 


Sun’s oot, taps aff - Sun’s out, shirts off


Thas blowin’ a hooli - It’s very windy


The tups are in the fank - The male sheep are in the pen


The wee yin luvs his tatties - The youngster loves eating potatoes


Thas gee-in mee in the boak - It’s turning my stomach, hurtful and unpleasant


Thingmajig - Substitute this for any forgotten word or name


Uh greet herd o’ hairy coos - A large number of Highland cattle


Uh stooshie ova eechie ochie - A dispute over neither one thing or another/a argument over nothing much


Um nae bothered - I’m unconcerned


Wannae play fitba? - Do you want to play football (soccer)


Well, it was one of yooz - The evidence points to one of you 


Where yer fae? - Where are you from?


Whit’s fur ye’ll no go by ye - Whatever will be, will be


Whit ye upty tha nite? - What are you doing tonight?


Ya dancer - Great!


Ye dancin pal? - Will you dance with me sir?


Yer at it - You’re talking nonsense


Yer lookin peely wally - You appear pale/ill


‘Zarrafact? - Is that a fact, said sarcastically